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Hands are the main transmitter of germs. We use our hands to carry out most tasks during the day and because we do it so automatically, we almost forget what an important tool they are. We use our hands to greet people, to type, to write, to eat, to open doors, to work, to drive...and now imagine how many germs you have passed on in one hour, let alone a full day! 

Hand Hygiene is just as important as eating and sleeping. We sleep to feel better, we eat to keep us energised, we should ensure we clean our hands regularly to keep healthy. Help reduce the spread of germs by washing your hands regularly or sanitising if water isn’t available. 

We have a complete range of Hand Care Products for all situations, from schools to heavy industry. Refillable reservoir dispensers used to be the standard way to provide soap in washrooms. However, there are increased risks of bacterial contamination with these dispensers as they are seldom cleaned on the inside, making sealed cartridge dispensers the safer, more efficient choice, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination and helping to prevent infections. Sealed cartridges save time and money; and they ease the burden on the environment. If you take all these advantages together and if you still use bulk fill dispensers - it’s time to bin them. - It's safer sealed! 
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